So you think crochet is dated and old-fashioned? Not for much longer! For several seasons now, we have witnessed the rise of the needle that dedicates itself totally to knitting crochet. With nimble fingers and an uncontrollable creative energy, many authentic artists and devoted labels have emerged, each of them reviving the ancestral art of crochet.

At the Who’s Next event , the artists Ketty Sean and Phil Ferguson will uncover a piece that depicts a mythological inspired scene – an owl’s dinnertime – as part of an exhibition duly named “Chouettediner.” The company’s show will unveil exclusive pieces by eight different labels, each on the theme of “the art of crochet”: Lei 1984 x Laetitia Dalbies (France), Standard Form (US), We Are Knitters (Spain), MiniMeParis (France), Maria La Rosa (Italie), Laurence Verdier (France), Sophie Dalla Rosa (France) et Bonheur Permanent x ElsaMuse (France).

For the attention of both women and men alike, now is your time to discover the world of crochet at the VIP section of the trade show, where the most daring of you will even be able to try out crocheting yourself…

Parallel to this event, the collection of works will also be on sale from the 20th January until the 17th February in a pop-up store, which can be found at the JOYCE GALLERY in the Palais Royal gardens.




With big dewy-eyes, a cheeky little face and pop colours: Ketty Sean’s crochet cuddly toys, all sprinkled with a touch of hip-hop and irresistibly inspired as much by Disney cartoons as by the animated films of Japanese film studio Ghibli, take us on a one-way journey back to childhood. The young designer, who was one of the first riders of the “do it yourself” wave, has already sold her little stuffed creations across the Atlantic (Harvey Nichols), has taken part in exhibitions (Artoyz), initiated collaborations (Monoprix), and has even released her own cuddly toy instruction manual with Marie-Claire Idées & Philar! For Who’s Next, she has put together an awesome dinner for owls, with heaps of delicious things to nibble at!


Humour is second nature to Phil Ferguson. A young man who looks pretty nondescript, he loves life, venturing from the beaten track and meeting new people on his way…and what has he discovered is the best way to make friends in the new places he winds up? Parading around in food-themed hats that he crochets himself! The result? A whole gallery of self-portraits that has only grown in size since. And it’s doing the job: right now, the Australian already has 138 000 followers on Instagram. Are you ready to dive headfirst into this crazy, inedible world? A slice of pizza, fried-egg, hot-dog, donut, spaghetti bolognaise, apple or banana; whatever you can eat, his needles can sew!



Lei 1984 x Laetitia Dalbies

When a young, polished ready-to-wear label meets a crochet artist who specialises in cuddly toys, poufs and other accessories, you’re left with a whole feast of treats and colours: watermelons, apples, lemons, avocados, grapefruits, bananas, the whole vegetable garden is there…including, exclusively for the trade show, a crochet cabbage on a sweat-shirt!

Standard Form

Emerging from a never before seen blend of styles, between urban culture and the spirit of “The Little House on the Prairie,” Standard Form have come to create enormous shawls and ponchos out of patchwork. In keeping with its DNA, the label has envisioned a brand new vintage-style military jacket, embellished with a crochet yoke.

We Are Knitters

At We Are Knitters, the client is assigned a role: not only does the label sell finished products, it also offers all kinds of kits so that you create your own beany hats, scarves, jumpers, plaids and many other wonders. A notice to all beginners: the brand has announced that as well unveiling their line of Spanish capes that come in all different shapes and styles, there will also be a pompom workshop at the trade show!


Straight out of Alice’s Wonderland, MiniMe Paris has sought inspiration from its fairy-tale treasures in order to come up with three accessories bearing tasteful little hints of crochet, for example, on the arms of a pair of glasses, on the oversized bow of a headband or on the rim of a hat.
On sale in Paris at Colette and Frank & Fils, in Tokyo at Isetan, and in the coolest stores worldwide as listed on the website: , where you can also shop online.

Maria La Rosa

Blending crochet with different styles of weaving, embroidery, knitting and macramé, and only ever using the most elegant natural fibres like cotton, raffia, linen, cashmere and silk, Maria La Rosa has created an array of romantic and delicate accessories. Often working with a dusty and muted palette, she has created quite the stir by combing crochet and fur in her “pinky” handbag.

Laurence Verdier x Non Sans Raison

Jewellery-maker and plastic artist, Laurence Verdier has developed a particularly conceptual and individual style through his disproportionate sizing and mesh membranes to form all kinds of little charms. The proof is in this beautiful collection of five necklaces, each combining crochet with shards of broken porcelain.

Sophie Dalla Rosa

With finesse, Sophie Dalla Rosa takes inspiration from nature to turn a wistful world of flowers, pebbles and coral into reality through her crochet works. The animal world is also honoured in her work: for the trade show, she has uniquely designed in the form of a chicken, as well as, more traditionally, several ultra-graphic broaches made from Plexiglas and crochet.

Bonheur Permanent x ElsaMuse

On the one hand, a “boum boum” design studio launched by Marion Galtier, known for her role as director of the events department at Paulette magazine; on the other, a fashion-blogger unlike any other. The result? A look that is totally fresh and full of humour. See, for example, the foodporn t-shirt & culotte combo: an embroidered piece on top that reads “Trempe ton biscuit”; and on the bottom, an enormous crochet cake. A Valentine’s gift as sweet as can be…


For several seasons now, we have witnessed the rise of the needle that dedicates itself totally to knitting crochet. With nimble fingers and an uncontrollable creative energy, many authentic artists and devoted labels have emerged, each of them reviving the ancestral art of crochet.