September 2016 edition review

September 2016 edition review

An enjoyable edition
The trade shows Who’s Next and Premiere Classe have now closed their doors. After 4 days of meetings, lifestyle events and business, a new dynamic edition comes to an end.

The objective was clear: to create an influential and flourishing setting, suitable for the act of buying in a lively and friendly trade show environment. For this new edition the team curated around the theme of the “Mediterranean”, which altogether proved very popular among the visitors and exhibitors.

The results, in the words heard in the aisles, this edition was perceived as “logical” and appreciated for the “clear understanding of the different areas”. More generally, there is a feeling that Who’s Next and Premiere Classe have recovered their first place position in the fashion trade show industry, due to the abundance of life, both inside the halls and outside which perfectly integrated within the Mediterranean vision.

Business-focused visitors
To put it in figures, there were 38,258 visitors who walked the aisles of the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles. A decrease of 7% in the number of visitors compared to September 2015 (-8.2% of the French public and -5.4% international visitors). An expected decrease but still remains reassuring for the business of the next edition of the trade shows.

There was a low French visitor statistic, on account of busy schedules and a delayed return from holiday but also a general environment which requires concerted efforts from all participants linked to tourism.

Despite an economic and political situation which makes Paris a less desirable destination than in previous years, international professionals gathered together at the shows. The decline of 5.4% international buyers, which since these last 2 editions does not reflect a decline in the number of distributors but rather their representatives. The buyers from the same company were less than before.

The trade shows proved to have a strong presence from northern European countries such as Sweden (+11%) and Denmark (+16.9%). In contrast, there was a fall in the presence of southern European countries, particularly with Italy (-8.3%) and Spain (-5.7%), Portugal remained unchanged and there was a return from Greece.

The trade shows also attracted the American continent (+7.6%) with an increase in the number of visitors from the USA (+13.3%). In a sensitive context, the Middle-East stabilised itself, as well as Asia with China (8.1%), South-Korea (+1.2%) and Japan (-3%).

An optimistic promise
The exhibitors enjoyed the dynamics of the trade shows and they were even surprised to meet a very nice clientele, ready to place orders on the spot. The improvement of services provided and their success contributing to the triumph of the trade shows. The Retail Expert Club remains active, with an average of 45 meetings per expert, the conference schedule continued to be pertinent, an improvement in the creation of visible collective areas and the eye-catching and visual trends forum, representing elected solutions by all visitors, buyers and exhibitors of this edition.

The last point, a reconnection with business for all participants, during which new French investors were present. This suggests a wealth of confidence for 2017.

As of now Thursday 29th September to Sunday 2nd October are the dates for a new edition of Premiere Classe Tuileries and Paris sur Mode Tuileries trade shows… With outstanding innovations at the heart of Paris Fashion Week, WSN Développement announces its resolute desire to strengthen and unite the Parisian market.

The next edition of the Who’s Next and Premiere Classe trade shows at the Porte de Versailles:
From the 20th to 23rd January 2017



The trade shows Who’s Next and Premiere Classe have now closed their doors. After 4 days of meetings, lifestyle events and business, a new dynamic edition comes to an end.