A/W 2015/16 trends

A/W 2015/16 trends


The trend hunter agency decoded Autumn/Winter 2015-16 trends which has been showcased in January 2015.
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Winter 2016 takes a drag from the uninspired and disruptive air of the 1990s. The rebel attitude presents a real challenge for femininity, exploring its limits and testing its endurance. The looks are a blend of fun and serious, relaxed sportswear and strict bourgeoisie, harsh lines with soft. A mixed up style that reexamines the traditional areas of seduction, exposing more at the back than the front. Winter 2016, watch your back!

Icy blue : neo-catholicism

The convent meets techno sport …Light washed out blue, dulled down blue or frozen blue.
Virgin blue, icy softness, relaxation, the first tastes of spring… Worn in a chic way, it mixes up bourgeois style to give a retro sporty feel. Worn with black, navy blue, white and bright shades, it is enhanced and takes on a sense of character.

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Just out of bed

Sleepwear is the look waking up the city… match with a blazer vest and sneakers to echo the “just out of bed” look of the 90s, reminiscent of Seattle neo-grunge. The 90s legging is back in a cocoon style and offers a more fitted alternative to sweatpants. Wear with knits and shirts to achieve the “hunter pyjama” look.

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The golden touch: the detail with an impact

A graphic golden touch helps to shape and boldly re- decorate accessories.A large gold plate, heels with impact, groups of over- sized buckles, handles that shine and initials which flash.
Gold changes the ultra-classic bourgeoise style by shifting the strict visual rules.
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Be cool: sporty punk

A twist on the 90s spirit, accessories rebel in a “cool“ way. Street and American music influence punk and grunge 2.0.
Platforms, neo-ranger boots, Doc Martens, knee high boots, gothic-punk jewellery, customised backpacks, caps and hats… All show a desire for eternal adolescence.

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WRESTLER: the kitsch fighter

Kawaïi tinted with elements of lucha libre (‘wrestling’) for a slightly humorous take on manga, including the influence of street counter-culture. A Nippon/Maya look featuring gaudy colours, while full fa- cial masks, bright shining accessories, circus influences and flag references result in flashy designs which flirt with kitsch. Freaky fluff, eccentric charms and shaggy hair in flashy cra- zy colours, both naive and fun to beat the cold.
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CRAZY LINES: parallels

A mechanical dynamic.
Panicked lines both shift and enchant and resonate graphic vibes. Charming, mixing together, curving, bouncing, hallucinating, they echo Beetle Juice’s classic style.

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The Aubusson tapestries as a basis for expression (floral and hunting themes) rather than merely decoration. With a narrative history as an anchor, the products have more depth and feeling to them. The urban look is redesigned, incorporating authenticity and history, by using tailoring associated with denim. Sportswear gains a sense of emotional awareness.
Maison Baluchon & Monsieur D have made it their focus.

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Black Swag : Bling & Bronx

A Black Swag style, mixing RnB & Rap looks. The princes of the Bronx meet tribal cultures. An African touch uses Amish and 90s Hip Hop styles to create a nomad urban culture, incorporating a different take on the messages of Pop culture. A black bling for a rebellious hipster look.

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Winter seductive zones: the back is free and fearless of the first shivers of winter. Mesh and stitching change sides and gilets open at the back to spark new interest.

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The trend obsessions for Autumn/Winter 2015/16 were revealed at our shows last January.